Achievement Unlocked: StoreSEO Got Built for Shopify Badge

At StoreSEO, we are extremely proud and delighted to share that we have been awarded the prestigious Built for Shopify badge! 🥳

This badge represents our commitment to building a Shopify SEO app that you deserve to boost your search engine visibility without any hassle. And we are elated to have been recognized for our hard work and dedication. Dive into this blog to understand why this badge is so important, our journey towards the goal of earning it, and how excited we are to have achieved it. 

StoreSEO Got Built for Shopify Badge

🏅 Earned The ‘Built for Shopify’ Badge: Highest Level Of Recognition For Any Shopify App

This year, Shopify announced a program for app developers named ‘Built for Shopify‘, where a prestigious badge will be awarded to the apps that are built following Shopify’s guidelines. It is the highest level of recognition a Shopify app can get for meeting its highest standards for quality, design, and performance.

As an app developer, if you want to be eligible for this badge, you must follow the Built for Shopify requirements set by Shopify and go through a strict review process. If you have done everything perfectly and successfully passed the test, Shopify certifies you as one of the most trusted apps on the platform and recommends it to the users. Right now, only about 2% of the 10,000 Shopify apps available have unlocked the Built for Shopify badge. And now that we have achieved the badge, our whole team takes great pride in reaching this goal.

We have worked to ensure that our users will now have a fast, reliable, and exceptional experience while accelerating their business growth. Let’s have a look at what it means for our users: StoreSEO has been honored as one of the Built for Shopify Apps below. 

🔒 Enhanced Safety & Security  

Earning the Built for Shopify badge means our app is completely secure for our users. We are using the API and extensions that Shopify recommends to keep your stores safe. Additionally, if you uninstall our app, we remove all your data from our end, ensuring complete privacy. Thus, you can truly rely on StoreSEO for SEO optimization. 

Faster Navigation Experience

Even though Shopify approves all the apps with a good navigational experience, it offers a Built for Shopify badge for only those apps that provide exceptional, unmatched experience. Now that we have this badge, it means you will have an exceptionally good admin experience while using our app.  As StoreSEO loads within seconds, your SEO experience will be much smoother. 

Delightful Polarise Design 

StoreSEO Dashboard With Polaris design system

If you want to be eligible for this badge, you need to provide a native Shopify feel in your admin dashboard. To do that, you have to design your app with the Polaris design system. With months of work, we have redesigned our app in the Polarise design system, and you will now enjoy a native Shopify experience while using our app. 

Our Journey Towards Achieving This Outstanding Milestone 

Truth be told, achieving this badge was not easy for us. We have to go through a lot of changes to be eligible for this program. Right after the introduction of the Built for Shopify program, it was our top priority to meet all the criteria to deliver a better experience to our users. 

As a result, after months of redesigning and improving the structure of our app, we have achieved the highest recognition for a Shopify app. While we were working on enhancement, we brought some outstanding features to help you optimize your store for search engines. 

Outstanding New Features With The Latest Updates

Recently we have brought major enhancements with a few outstanding features in our app. We have completely redesigned our user interface and made it just as similar to Shopify. We brought the following major features and enhancements in the process:

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is a powerful and free analytics tool that you can use to track your visitors and their interactions with ease. From now on, using StoreSEO, you can integrate Google Analytics with your Shopify dashboard and find valuable insights without any hassle. 

StoreSEO Google Analytics

Feature Enhancement

We have also made our existing features more powerful with new enhancements. These updates were crucial to make these features more usable for our users. You can check our changelog for detailed updates. 

📣 What To Expect Next With StoreSEO In The Coming Days

We have already achieved the ‘Built for Shopify’ badge – so what’s next for StoreSEO? Now, our next step is to ensure your search engine optimization can be even easier and smoother than ever before, and so, we will be focusing on bringing more exciting features and facilities. 

Much-requested features like Image Optimizer, multiple language support, and artificial intelligence are on the queue and soon to be released along with further enhancement. So stay tuned and keep supporting your favorite SEO app, StoreSEO to make your SEO experience even better. Thank you for staying with us. 

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