Release notes, updates of ongoing development.


July 26, 2022


  • New Feature: Home page SEO optimization.
  • Added: Remove theme modification & re-apply theme modification for products, pages, articles SEO.
  • Added: Install StoreSEO via link.
  • Fixed: Fixed amount or percentage discount implementation in Subscription checkout.
June 27, 2022


  • Added: Multiple location manage for Local SEO.
  • Added: Reset google credentials for Google Integration.
  • Improvement: Remove existing preview image while uploading new image.
  • Improvement: Upgrade Shopify CLI project to Express.
  • Improvement: Remove data from pages, blogs & sitemaps after uninstalling app.
June 1, 2022


  • Improvement: Changed Shopify API Version to January 2021.
  • Improvement: Removed deprecated api calls for metafields.
  • Improvement: Using Google Cloud Storage for uploading store assets
  • Improvement: Migrate all uploaded images to Google Cloud Storage.
  • Improvement: Queue improvement to fix auto dispatch.
May 19, 2022


Apr 18, 2022


  • New Feature: Unique Product details SEO Parameter added for Products.
  • New Feature: Unique Page content SEO Parameter added for Pages.
  • New Feature: Social media preview modify functionality for Products.
  • Added: Image Cropper to Shop Logo upload.
  • Improvement: Product fix & show page layout update for better UX.
  • Improvement: Product analysis improvement.
  • Improvement: Google Integration structure update.
  • Improvement: No page found image change.
Mar 27, 2022


  • New Feature: Pages SEO analysis, SEO fix feature.
  • Bug Fix: Search with pagination fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Subscription page responsive issue on Firefox browser solved.
Mar 15, 2022


  • New Feature: Site Verification, Search Console, Submit Sitemap, Instant Indexing process using newly published StoreSEO app in Google.
  • New Feature: Redirect on “Out of Stock”.
  • New Feature: Yearly subscription system.
  • Improvement: Add Filter section in sitemap.
  • Improvement: Updated backdated webhooks.
  • Improvement: Responsiveness Issue fixed for Subscription Page Layout Broken on Android Device.
  • Improvement: Sanitize Text before product rich data submission.
  • Improvement: Product list filter update.
  • Improvement: Product sync button re-position and confirmation added for better UX.
  • Bug Fix: Product search issue with spaces fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Product sync issue when disabled fixed.
Mar 09, 2022


  • New Feature: Added option to toggle noindex & nofollow meta tags for Google.
  • Improvement: Select input UI changed for better UX.
  • Improvement: Responsive design Hamburger menu position and UI changed for better UX.
  • Improvement: Responsive design menu design update for better UX.
  • Improvement: Product list SL No. shown.
  • Improvement: Sitemap list SL No. shown.
Feb 22, 2022


  • New Feature: Product Rich Snippet for Google.
  • New Feature: Subscription upgrade onboard modal to guide user about the unlocked features.
  • Improvement: Real time score change when SEO content changed for better user experience.
  • Improvement: Address suggestion for Local SEO using Google Places API for better user experience.
  • Improvement: Product Keyword Suggestion for better control over keywords.
  • Improvement: Single product analysis when updating a product.
  • Improvement: Automatic re-generate LAT, LONG data when address is changed.
  • Improvement: Removed settings top bar to a minimalistic navigation breadcrumb.
  • Improvement: Active/Inactive filter in sitemaps.
  • Few minor big fix & improvements. 
Feb 7, 2022


  • Improvement: Logo upload max size 850 KB.
  • Improvement: Add placeholder when uploading logo.
  • Improvement: Improved URL validation for social media in Local SEO.
  • Improvement: Changed Subscription Plan UI.
  • Improvement: Improved Subscription Expiry Conditions.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed multiple toast notification show issue.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue of product syncing after plan downgrade from one pro plan to another pro plan.
Jan 24, 2022


  • New Feature: Google Instant Indexing.
  • New Feature: Generate auto lat,long based on shop address in Local SEO
  • Added: Generate auto image placeholder from Shop Name for Shop Logo in Local SEO.
  • Added: General Settings.
  • Improvement: Injecting JSON-LD schema directly to page source.
  • Improvement: Changed deprecated API calls.
  • Improvement: Product sync queue improvement.
  • Improvement: Minor UI improvements.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed special character in product meta.
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements
Jan 11, 2022


  • New Feature: JSON-LD Schema add and modify.
  • Added: Manage Subscription from Dashboard.
  • Added: Show transaction history and download invoice.
  • Added: Separate checkout page.
  • Improvement: Added pagination in dashboard (In product list section).
Dec 7, 2021


Nov 25, 2021


  • Fixed: Product sync issue in love domain. 
Oct 28, 2021


  • Initial Launch
Oct 19, 2021