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StoreSEO is an alternative to Yoast SEO, Avada, SEO King, Smart SEO, Booster SEO, and other Shopify SEO apps. Check out how this ultimate Shopify SEO solution ranks among its alternatives.

Shopify Seo Apps Compared
Shopify Seo Apps Compared

salish grant

| StoreSEO User | Canada

“I have been able to Optimize my SEO to 98% !!! As a new website this tool is very valuable and easy to use. The Support team even contacted me while I was using the App and asked me if they could help me in anyway. Their advice bumped my SEO up from 92% to 98%. Excited to see results as I make my way :-)”

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    free feature
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    premium feature
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    not available

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Couples Collections

United States

Just started using Store SEO and I’m very impressed. Excellent UI and clear design and directions. Perfect for someone like me who knows nothing about this but wants to improve.

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