StoreSEO PRO comes with a unique feature that lets you integrate StoreSEO with Google Search Console so that you can optimize your products with search analytics and see which products are bringing your customers to your shop. 

How To Integrate StoreSEO With Google Search Console?

Before you start, make sure you have created a product list inside of your Shopify store and installed StoreSEO in your store. 

Step 1: Authenticate Your Store With Google

First, navigate to StoreSEO Settings →  Google Integrations. Now, you need to authenticate your store with Google by hitting on the ‘AUTHENTICATE’ button.

StoreSEO With Google Search Console

After clicking the ‘AUTHENTICATE’ button a window will open where you need to select your preferred Google account which you want to connect with your store. Log in to your Gmail account then the authentication will be done immediately.

StoreSEO With Google Search Console

Step 2: Verify Site With Google

Once the authentication is done, now you need to verify your site with Google. Click on the ‘VERIFY SITE’ button to verify your Shopify store website.

StoreSEO with Google Search Console

Now, you will find a window where you have to log in to your Gmail account. Login to your Gmail then click on ‘Continue’. Once you have finished these steps, your site will be verified automatically.

Step 3: Add Site To Google Search Console

After verifying your site with Google, now you can easily integrate StoreSEO with Google Search Console. Just click on the ‘ADD SITE’ and wait for the next window to come up.

Step 4: Submit Sitemap To Google

Now, click on the ‘SUBMIT SITEMAP’ button for submitting your Shopify Store sitemap to Google. Once you hit the ‘SUBMIT SITEMAP’ button your store sitemap will be automatically submitted to Google.

Store SEO with Google Search Console

How To Reset Google Integration Settings In StoreSEO?

If you want to reset all of your Google Integration settings, you can do that with one click in StoreSEO. Simply head over to StoreSEO-Settings, then navigate to the ‘Google Integrations’ tab and click on the ‘Reset’ option as shown below.

This is how you can easily integrate Store SEO with Google Search Console without any hassle.

Need assistance? Feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team for any type of query. 

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