StoreSEO allows you to customize JSON-LD of your Shopify store, which allows you to display structure data on search engines so that your visitors can see all of your store’s information at a glance. 

How To Customize JSON LD Using StoreSEO?

After you have installed StoreSEO on your Shopify account, you need to upgrade to any premium plan as this is a PRO feature. Now you need to go to your Store SEO app settings. From the ‘General’ section, you will see the toggle option of JSON-LD. 

customize JSON-LD

Now you need to click on the ‘Local SEO’ tab to configure the local SEO setup. From this part, you can change the logo, name, URL, and other options. Click on the ‘Save Changes’ button from the bottom. 

customize JSON-LD

How To Add Multiple Locations In Local SEO?

You can also add multiple locations for your businesss by managing your local SEO. Simply head over to StoreSEO–> Settings and scroll down to the ‘Local SEO’ tab. From there, you can easily switch between your store’s primary address or add a different address by clicking on the ‘New Location’ option as shown below.

This is how you can easily customize the JSON-LD of your Shopify store using the StoreSEO app. 

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