StoreSEO comes up with a ‘Redirect On Out Of Stock’ feature that allows you to automatically redirect customers to a particular page when the desired products are out of stock. Let’s learn how you can enable ‘Redirect On Out Of Stock’ in StoreSEO.

Note: Before getting started, make sure that you have the StoreSEO app installed on your Shopify store. To enable this feature, you need StoreSEO PRO.

How To Enable ‘Redirect On Out Of Stock’ Feature?

First, go to your Shopify store and open the StoreSEO app inside it. From the Shopify Dashboard, go to Apps → StoreSEO

Redirect on out of stock

You will find yourself in the StoreSEO dashboard. Now, click on the ‘Settings’ option as shown below.

Redirect on out of stock

From the ‘General’ settings, toggle the ‘Redirect On Out Of Stock’ button. Put the URL of your store in the relevant field and update. 

Redirect on out of stock

This is how easily you can redirect visitors to another page when a product is out of stock. Getting stuck? Feel free to communicate with our dedicated support team for further assistance. 

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Updated on June 9, 2022