StoreSEO lets you add keywords and tags for specific Shopify products so that your products can rank better in search engine optimization. After you have done your keyword research for your products, you can easily add keywords and tags to each of your products using this feature. 

How To Add Keywords And Tags For Shopify Products

Before you start, make sure you have created a product list inside of your Shopify store and installed StoreSEO from the Shopify Apps Store page in your store. Follow these step-by-step guidelines to find out how to add keywords and tags for your Shopify products. 

Step 1: Select StoreSEO From The Installed Apps

First, you need to install and activate StoreSEO app on your Shopify shop. Then go to the ‘Apps’ option and select StoreSEO app from there. 

Step 2: Go To Shopify Product List 

Now click on the “Product list” tab from above and find all your Shopify products listed down with details.

Add Keywords And Tags

Beside the product details, click on the “Edit” button to add keywords and tags.  

Add Keywords And Tags

Step 3: Add Focus Keyword And Tags For Shopify Products

You can now put your keyword in the “Focus Keyword” box and type your tags that you want to add in the “Tags” box. Click on the “Save Changes” button to save your progress. 

Add Keywords And Tags

This is how easily you can add keywords and tags to your Shopify products using the StoreSEO app. 

Need assistance? Feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team for any type of queries. 

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Updated on August 9, 2021