5 Best Shopify Apps That Will Take Your CX(Customer Experience) To The Next Level

Access to the Shopify App Store is one of the finest assets of every Shopify shop. With over 7000 Shopify Apps apps available, retailers can tailor their shop and experience to their own aims and the demands of their consumers.

But, with so many tools available, how does one know which to use? Or what kind of app do they genuinely require?

Today, we’ll look at five unique types of Shopify apps that every business owner needs to improve their client experience, as well as app recommendations.

Shopify Apps

Essential Ways to Create An Amazing Customer Experience With Your Shopify Apps

Creating a pleasant and smooth customer experience, whether online or in person, is essential for keeping customers satisfied. Let’s look at some additional strategies to provide an excellent client experience.

Always Start With The Basics

Interactivity and cutting-edge technology such as AR, VR, and 3D media can elevate your consumer experience, but it’s crucial not to overdo it. “Too often, brands get seduced by bells and whistles and neglect the essentials,” says Chelsea Jones, creator of Chelsea & Rachel Co.

Before you investigate new technologies, consider whether the brand is providing good customer service, attracting customers’ attention to their products, and making customer service a priority with your Shopify Apps.

Shopify Apps

Build Customized Storefronts

Custom storefronts, and Shopify’s approach to going “headless,” make it easier than ever to create a one-of-a-kind purchasing experience. Headless commerce removes your storefronts from your back-end processes, giving you complete creative control.

Custom storefronts allow businesses to build virtual try-on using augmented reality, user-friendly product modification experiences to customize the item they’re considering purchasing, or entertainment aspects to make the checkout process more exciting, among other things.

Shopify Apps

Create A Diverse Community

Many businesses are resorting to community development to enhance client relationships. Communities enhance brand exposure, loyalty, and retention, whether through social commerce, adding a live chatroom to their exclusive site, or providing in-person events. Communities reduce customer support expenses at the same time.

Shopify Apps

Types Of Shopify Apps For Enhancing Customer Experience

In the following sections, we have discussed some of the best Shopify Apps to enhance your customer experience. We have also mentioned the category where you can use the mentioned Shopify Apps. 

🚀Add Subscription With Recharge

There is no doubt that subscriptions are ubiquitous, and for good reason. Adding subscriptions to your shop can enhance revenue, loyalty, retention, and consumer experience significantly. Subscription commerce was formerly mainly identified with curated boxes, but it has expanded to encompass so much more.

👉Recharge is one of the best Shopify Apps and has been powering Shopify subscriptions since 2014. Their platform enables retailers to swiftly create and sell memberships. Furthermore, they have the tools merchants require to gain and keep consumers, therefore developing loyalty and favorable brand awareness. Customers can easily take complete control of their subscriptions with Recharge, which allows them to delay, skip, and change deliveries and items.

Shopify Apps

🚚Effortlessly Track Your Order With Order Lookup

The task doesn’t end when the customer clicks “checkout“; what follows after that is just as crucial. If you get that experience right, you may have a devoted customer. If you miss the target, you’ll have another one-time order at best and a terrible review at worst.

👉Order Lookup is an easy-to-use real-time tracking tool for Shopify that allows businesses to design their order tracking site. Everything from the aesthetics of the tracking interface to adding remarks for the consumer can be customized by merchants. Customers can enter their email address and order number to access a simple tracking page that shows them precisely where their order is at any given time. This, in turn, can aid in the reduction of customer support requests and the enhancement of the customer experience.

Shopify Apps

🎁Showcase Your Gift Products With Govalo

Gifting is big in eCommerce, which is why shops plan so far ahead for holidays like Christmas. Gift shoppers have a distinct customer journey that differs from that of your typical consumer. It isn’t always as straightforward as purchasing a thing, having it delivered to their home, and then presenting it to someone else. They may wish to give a gift card at times, and a subscription box at others.

👉Govalo is a Shopify gifting solution that allows retailers to reimagine their gifting approach. They started with gift cards because Shopify’s native solution is limited and lacks customization. Customers can send directly to recipients, specify the time it’s sent, and add a gift message with their improved gift card, which allows retailers to fully personalize the UI and provide numerous gift card goods. Since its introduction in late 2021, they have added even more features and integrations centered on giving.

Shopify Apps

🤝Start Your Loyalty Programme With Loyalty Lion

You want to provide your consumers with as many reasons as possible to keep coming back to your shop. While your products may be excellent, keep in mind that your competitors will be seeking to steal your consumers! Loyalty programs are an excellent method to encourage customers to return to your business, spend more money, and connect with your brand.

👉Loyalty Lion is one of the most popular loyalty Shopify apps, powering retailers such as Skinnydip and Reserve Bar. They provide retailers with an easy-to-use platform for setting up, managing and growing their reward program. It’s also completely customizable, so it may look and feel just like the rest of a store’s brand experience.

Shopify Apps

🌟Display Your Store Reviews With Okendo

Social proof is one of the most effective techniques for acquiring new customers. If a consumer is unclear whether a product is appropriate for them, they will seek advice from their fellow customers. When people see positive feedback, it increases their trust and faith in your products.

👉Okendo can provide all of the extra value elements for reviews that we just described. This Shopify review platform goes beyond mere reviews, making it simple for merchants to show high-value social proof like user-contributed content and Q&A style message boards. Their platform serves as the foundation for firms such as Netflix, Skims, and Thermomix, enhancing their social proof approach beyond star ratings.

Shopify Apps

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If you own a Shopify business, you should always be looking for ways to improve the user experience in Shopify stores. When running an eCommerce site, giving your visitors the greatest possible experience may easily improve the development of your business. This article will go through how you can quickly improve your user experience

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