Storeware x FoxEcom: Two Shopify Growth Boosters Partner Together for Your Success

Storeware has proudly partnered with FoxEcom in a strategic move intended to fully use the growth potential of eCommerce and transform the way businesses succeed on Shopify. The collaboration between these two Shopify growth boosters becomes a new success potential for Shopify store owners. You can take advantage of FoxEcom’s landing page builder app and sales-boosting solutions in combination with Storeware’s apps for powerful SEO optimization, building knowledge bases, and collecting reviews.

Shopify Growth Booster

With this cooperation, your route to maximizing sales conversion and leveraging Shopify marketing automation has reached a new milestone. Now, you can expect comprehensive solutions that represent a complete pack of eCommerce growth, from creating attractive landing pages to optimizing advanced SEO for your store and products.

🚀 Storeware Partners with FoxEcom: Growth Solutions from Shopify Growth Boosters

In an exciting development for Shopify store owners, the partnership between Storeware and FoxEcom is set to revolutionize the way you approach eCommerce growth and sales conversion. Storeware is the team behind powerful Shopify solutions like StoreSEO, BetterDocs, StoreFAQ, and TrustSync.

On the other hand, FoxEcom offers landing page themes, Foxify page builder, and FoxKit sales tools for your Shopify store. So, the powerful suite and collaboration, offered by FoxEcom and Storeware, covers every aspect of your online store’s needs.

You can take your Shopify store’s design with Foxify to a whole new level with the smart Shopify page builder app. It offers 70+ flexible sections with diverse pre-designed layouts equipped with animations, custom effects, and styles. Whether you are trying to build a simple or complex page, you will get it done with Foxify.

On the other hand, FoxKit offers upsell and sales-boosting features for Shopify stores, transforming store visitors into enthusiastic buyers and eventually loyal customers. Plus, this powerful tool enables you to get important statistics for insights into conversion performance.

This suite of two Shopify growth boosters ensures your Shopify store is equipped for success, from building a beautiful landing page to boosting sales through smart upselling and cross-selling techniques, creating your store’s powerful knowledge base, optimizing SEO, and getting customer reviews.

🎊 Introducing FoxEcom: A Suite of Powerful Shopify Solutions

FoxEcom provides a range of solutions for Shopify store owners, including custom themes like Megamog, Minimog, and Zest, designed to suit various business needs. Additionally, FoxEcom, one of the two Shopify growth boosters, offers powerful tools like Foxify, a smart Shopify page builder app focused on conversions, and FoxKit, which enhances sales and order values through strategic upsells.

📌 Foxify: Smart Page Builder

Shopify Growth Booster

Foxify is an advanced tool for Shopify store owners, especially for those aiming to enhance their storefront’s appeal and functionality. Here is a glimpse into what makes Foxify a smart choice:

🌟 High-Converting Designs: With over 80 templates, Foxify caters to various page types including landing pages, home pages, product pages, and more. These templates are designed with conversion in mind, ensuring that your store not only looks good but also performs well.

🌟 Customization & Optimization: Mobile-optimized templates ensure your store looks great on any device. Plus, global styles maintain consistent branding across your site. Moreover, the device-specific customization enhances user experience by optimizing for different screens.

Plus, it offers support for content translation, including AI-backed options, to help you reach a global audience more effectively. So, Foxify’s comprehensive suite, from its smart design capabilities to its robust sales tools, positions it as a valuable tool for growing SMBs on Shopify.

📌 FoxKit: All‑in‑one Sales Boost

Shopify Growth Booster

FoxKit stands as a dynamic Shopify app, designed to elevate the shopping experience and boost sales through a suite of engaging and high-converting features. Here is a closer look at what FoxKit offers:

🌟 Engagement Tools:  It comes with Popups and Lucky Wheels to capture attention. Plus, the Smart Chat feature will ensure real-time customer interaction.

🌟 Sales Boosting Features: The most advanced upselling and cross-selling feature will increase average order value. Plus, the promotions and alerts will always keep shoppers informed and engaged.

🌟 Sales & Analytics: Advanced Analytics provide insights into page performance, helping you make data-driven decisions to improve conversion rates and sales.

FoxKit’s comprehensive toolset, from product bundles to advanced analytics, ensures that every aspect of sales and engagement is optimized for success.

🎉 What’s In FoxEcom for Storeware Users

The partnership with FoxEcom, two Shopify growth boosters, opens up an era of new possibilities and exclusive benefits designed to supercharge your Shopify store growth. Plus, if you are using any app from Storeware, you can enjoy a flat 10% discount on all FoxEcom app purchases, including the versatile FoxKit for all-in-one sales boosts and Foxify, the smart page builder.

This offer is tailored to help you enhance your store’s design, improve sales conversion rates, and ultimately, boost your sales. With this collaboration of the two Shopify growth boosters, you can create a consistent and growth-oriented eCommerce ecosystem for your business.

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