Top 10 Vital Customer Experience Terms You Should Know For Your Shopify Store

Providing an outstanding customer experience has become crucial for the success of any Shopify store in the ever-evolving world of eCommerce. Understanding important customer experience concepts is essential for businesses trying to stand out in a crowded market as technology develops and consumer expectations rise. To help you out, we bring you a list of the 10 vital customer experience terms that can equip you to build long-lasting customer relationships and advance your business, whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just beginning your Shopify journey. 

10 Vital Customer Experience Terms Shopify Store

Customer Experience or CX is a buyer’s complete journey that starts from the very beginning – your customer’s perception of your products and interest to buy but does not end with their purchase only, it involves all their constant interaction with the product, the brand, and your business even afterward. But most importantly, customer experience includes marketing and sales to every touchpoint that helps create an impact on your customer purchasing decision and loyalty to the brand. 

For instance, one of Starbucks’ customer experience tactics is to ensure quick delivery while giving consumers personalized experiences each time by writing their names on coffee cups. Every order enables clients to receive their service and makes them feel special by having personalized coffee earns points for app users. 

But just knowing what customer experience means is not enough – to ensure that your customers get the best experience possible, you need to understand the concept and related terms in detail. So let’s dive right in to learn more. 

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10 Vital Customer Experience Terms You Should Know For Your Shopify Store

Take a deep dive into this blog now to get all 10 vital customer experience terms that you should know for running your eCommerce business specifically for your Shopify store. 

Customer Experience Management 

10 Vital Customer Experience Terms Shopify Store

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a term used to describe the strategy and methods used by companies to improve and optimize each interaction a customer has with their brand. CEM focuses on providing customers with a seamless, personalized, and enjoyable experience throughout their whole journey, from exploring the online store to completing a purchase and receiving post-purchase support, in the context of an eCommerce firm. 

For instance, Nili Lotan is an eCommerce store that was built with Shopify. If you just visit their website you can pick, add to the cart and proceed with the purchase on an instance. This overall simplified buying journey can facilitate your customers’ shopping experience right away. You can consider this visit to complete the buying process can be considered as the pre-customer experience management by the store.

According to Statista, as of July 2023, Shopify owns a 10.23% eCommerce market share worldwide.”

Customer Experience Program

A customer experience program is considered the tools and procedures you implement to carry out your customer experience management plan. The initial plan is to get customers’ feedback, collect reviews, and run surveys to know their ultimate buying experience that helps you take action to improve your process. 

For running your eCommerce business in Shopify stores you can easily accomplish this by setting up the automated process of collecting customer feedback through emails.   

User Experience (UX): 

10 Vital Customer Experience Terms Shopify Store

Describes the total interaction between a user and a website or application with an emphasis on usability, accessibility, and satisfaction. For instance, if you configure your Shopify store completely, your user experience of your eCommerce store will be satisfied but if you don’t bother it then they will leave your website soon. 

Conversion Rate: 

The proportion of site visitors that carry out a desired activity, such as placing a purchase, on your eCommerce website to make every click count as a conversion.  When your customers visit your Shopify store, the first interaction it creates like the first click to a product is also counted as a  conversion. A greater conversion rate shows an improved user experience.

Customer Journey: 

10 Vital Customer Experience Terms Shopify Store

The complete journey a consumer takes from the time they first learn about your Shopify store to the point at which they make a purchase and beyond. Enhancing touchpoints for better experiences starts with an understanding of the customer journey.


Individual customers’ buying experiences are tailored based on your Shopify store buyers’ interests, behaviors, and previous interactions. Personalization increases conversions and user engagement.

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Customer Feedback Loop: 

A constant process of receiving feedback and insights from your Shopify store customers, analyzing it, and making adjustments to enhance the entire purchasing experience is considered the customer feedback loop. 

Abandoned Cart Recovery: 

To potentially recoup lost revenue, strategies to recall and nudge customers who added products to their cart but didn’t finish the transaction. You can provide emails to your Shopify store customers and encourage them to purchase.

Net Promoter Score (NPS): 

To determine customer loyalty through first-hand remarks, a customer experience survey methodology and metric known as Net Promoter Score or Net Promoter System (NPS) is utilized. Suppose you ask your Shopify store customers to review your product and provide a rating that can help determine consumer loyalty and satisfaction. 

Brand Advocacy:

Brand advocacy is measured by your customer loyalty towards your brand and they recommend your products to their friends and family which helps your business growth. Suppose you purchase a product from a Shopify store that is so good that you recommend it to your friends who have the same necessity. 

88% of those surveyed said they had the highest level of trust in a brand when a friend or family member suggested it. Word of mouth greatly influences consumer purchasing decisions.

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Now It’s Your Turn To Explore!

Understanding and applying these 10 vital customer experience terms can allow you to build a shopping environment that resonates with your audience, encourages loyalty, and distinguishes you in a crowded market as you walk the journey of your Shopify store business. By putting the customer experience first, you are not only increasing sales but also creating enduring relationships that will support the expansion of your Shopify company.

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