5 Link Building Tactics For eCommerce [That Work Great In 2024]

The impacts of applying SEO for your website can take quite a long time to come into effect. And one of the fundamentals of any SEO strategy involves link building. Today, we are going to walk you through the 5 essential link building tactics for eCommerce that will drive traffic to your business.

Link Building Tactics for eCommerce
5 Link Building Tactics For eCommerce [That Work Great In 2024] 4

Link Building: An Essential SEO Strategy For Growing Your Business

In terms of SEO, link building is one of the most crucial strategies. This is because search engines like Google consider link building as an important SEO ranking factor. You need high-quality websites to refer back to your site in order to rank higher on search engines, especially if you are in a very competitive industry. 

However, for any new business, it takes time to build credibility and reputation. Building links for online stores are no different. Without a solid plan, you could invest a lot of time in outreach efforts with little or no results to show for it.

Therefore, in order to boost your Shopify business and make it rank higher, you will need to start with a concrete SEO marketing plan that focuses on the right link building tactics for your eCommerce store.

5 Link Building Tactics For Your Shopify Store

Link building is challenging for eCommerce websites. Simply put, there aren’t all that many easy ways to obtain links to product and category pages.

But fortunately, some do exist. Additionally, there are several ways to create links to various other kinds of pages. For instance, running a Shopify blog with the best practices can help you not only get more readers and engagement but will also help you create content that others can link back to. It will open opportunities for guest posting as well as outreach content.

Below, we have listed some of the most effective link building strategies for Shopify that can help you to increase your website authority.

Create Content Others Would Want To Link To

Shopify Blog
5 Link Building Tactics For eCommerce [That Work Great In 2024] 5

The first and most important link building strategy involves creating content that others would want to link back to. This could include guides, tutorials, listicles, educational blog entries, infographics, eBooks, and other sorts of material. This not only helps you in link building but also aids in traffic and lead generation.

By focusing on producing interesting and informative articles that are relevant to your niche, you can create high-quality content that your audience will actually find helpful and want to share with other readers.

To grow your reader base and increase engagement, there are some tips and tricks you can follow. Check out our detailed guide on the best practices for your Shopify blog to learn more.

Invest In Link Building Outreach Efforts

There are several techniques to carry out a link-building strategy, so you must first decide which one is best for your eCommerce company.

You can build broken links, swap links, mentions in lists, and guest posting. Finding a link-building approach that works for your organization requires some trial and error.

After developing a link-building plan, you should start acquiring relevant backlinks from reputable websites. Typically, a suitable prospect list is compiled before engaging in link building effort. You can then choose the websites that are most likely to link to your material.

Keep An Eye Out For Unlinked Brand Mentions

The discovery of unlinked brand references is another efficient link-building strategy. It occurs when someone talks about your company on their website without including a link to your website.

You can use tools like Mention, Ahrefs Alerts, or Google Alerts to find these mentions. You will be notified by these services whenever your brand is mentioned online.

When you discover a mention that isn’t connected, get in touch with the website’s owner and request a link. Getting relevant websites to connect to you is a simple technique to earn high-quality backlinks.

Locating unlinked brand references will make it simple and quick to establish links to your eCommerce site.

Send Out Personalized, Carefully Crafted Cold Emails

It’s time to begin your outreach when you’ve compiled a list of pertinent prospects. Writing tailored cold emails is the secret to success in this situation.

A customized email demonstrates your due diligence and interest in establishing a relationship with the recipient. Avoid generic and spammy outreach emails at all costs because they will just result in additional rejections. While using outreach email templates might speed up and automate operations, it’s important to customize them for each recipient.

Bonus: Ultimate SEO Checklist For Your Shopify Store

Ultimate SEO Checklist

When it comes to improving your SEO rank, it is important to make sure you have implemented the right SEO strategies for your store. To help you do just that, we have prepared the ultimate SEO checklist here that you can drive traffic to your business.

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