10+ Shopify Courses You Can Take In 2024

Whether you are a beginner looking to launch your first online store or a seasoned professional aiming to refine your skills, there are Shopify courses that can help you learn all that you need. In this blog, you will find 10+ Shopify courses that stand out in 2024, offering a diverse range of insights, strategies, and hands-on learning experiences to escalate your online business forward.

Shopify Courses You Can Take

10+ Shopify Courses that You Can Take In 2024 to Scale Your Business

With Shopify being one of the most trending eCommerce platforms of recent times, there are plenty of courses on different sites that can help you refine your skills. From the basics of starting a Shopify business to how you can optimize your store for SEO or even how you can boost your marketing skills – these courses are designed to help your business grow.

We have explored and listed the top 10+ Shopify courses that will guide you in advancing your knowledge as a beginner or professional learner. You can check out all the best free and premium resources and pick the best fit for you to excel in your knowledge below.   

1. Shopify Academy

10+ Shopify Courses You Can Take

Cost: Free

Shopify itself offers an online resource hub to help entrepreneurs wishing to build businesses on the platform. It’s known as Shopify Academy and brings you a series of training courses and modules that are offered by experienced individuals.

These courses are completely free – you can check out their catalog page to skim through all offered courses to pick the ones that best suit your requirements. The resource hub includes courses that teach the essentials of creating, managing, and growing your online store. From beginner to advanced topics, Shopify Academy provides valuable insights directly from Shopify eCommerce experts.

Check out some of the best Shopify Academy courses below that are preferred by enrolled students and learners: 

2. Coursera 

10+ Shopify Courses You Can Take

Cost: Premium

Coursera, the global open course provider, offers a diverse range of courses based on Shopify, featuring content from top universities and industry professionals. These courses are designed for anyone wanting to start a business in Shopify – from beginners to advanced-level learners.

You will be able to explore comprehensive modules covering various aspects of eCommerce, including marketing, design, and analytics. Check out some of the best Coursera Shopify courses below: 

3. Skillshare 

10+ Shopify Courses You Can Take

Cost: Premium 

Skillshare is a creative platform where you can find Shopify courses created by industry practitioners, too. From hands-on tutorials to strategic insights, Skillshare offers a variety of content to enhance your Shopify skills.

If you are a beginner or want to upgrade your learning to an advanced level, you can easily look up courses that fall under categories such as entrepreneurship, marketing, business, sales, freelancing or even advertising. Based on your store’s needs, you can choose the best course and excel your platform learning.

Check out some of the best Skillshare Shopify courses below: 

4. LinkedIn

10+ Shopify Courses You Can Take

Cost: Premium 

When it comes to entrepreneurship, LinkedIn has you covered for everything. Which is why it also offers you an online learning platform to grow your skills.

LinkedIn Learning also offers many Shopify courses led by experienced instructors. You can dive into courses on eCommerce strategy, store management, and digital marketing to boost your proficiency in the Shopify ecosystem. So you need to select courses according to your preference. Check out some of the best LinkedIn Shopify courses below: 

5. Udemy

10+ Shopify Courses You Can Take

Cost: Premium 

Udemy offers a vast selection of Shopify courses created by independent instructors in its library of online courses too. From beginner-friendly guides to advanced strategies, Udemy provides a diverse learning environment for individuals looking to excel in the world of eCommerce. Check out some of the best Udemy Shopify courses below: 

6. Class Central 

10+ Shopify Courses You Can Take

Cost: Premium 

You can also explore Shopify courses aggregated from various online platforms on Class Central. This platform serves as a hub for discovering and enrolling in courses to your specific needs, offering a centralized approach to online learning.

And it specifically holds a department for Shopify that includes 200+ courses for you to choose from. Check out some of the best Class Central Shopify courses below: 

7. Alison

10+ Shopify Courses You Can Take

Cost: Free & Premium

Alison offers a variety of Shopify courses that focus on practical skills and real-world applications. Exploring these courses and lessons, you will be able to enhance your understanding of eCommerce, from setting up your store to implementing effective marketing techniques, through Alison’s accessible learning modules.

There are 5 free and popular Shopify courses that you can choose from. Some of them are listed below; check them out: 

8. WsCube Tech

10+ Shopify Courses You Can Take

Cost: Premium

WsCube Tech specializes in providing hands-on training for Shopify enthusiasts. Access their courses to gain practical insights into setting up and managing Shopify stores, along with valuable tips for optimizing your online business. 

On the platform, you will find a complete Shopify tutorial that contains 9 different modules and 50+ video tutorials that take about 5 hours to finish. When you have successfully wrapped up the course, you will have mastered subjects like ‘How to set up your Shopify store,’ ‘Shopify settings,’ ‘Shopify themes,’ and ‘Store Customization’ among many others.

9. Yieldify

10+ Shopify Courses You Can Take

Cost: Premium

Yieldify offers courses designed to help businesses maximize their Shopify stores’ potential. There are a total of 13 modules available on the site that can get you ready from scratch, as it contains chapters on ‘Setting Goals’ and ‘SEO training for beginners’. But not only beginner courses, there are modules to teach you about ‘Dropshipping’ and ‘Social Media Ads’ too.

Dive into modules that cover conversion optimization, customer engagement, and data-driven strategies to elevate your eCommerce game. 

10. The Knowledge Academy

10+ Shopify Courses You Can Take

Cost: Premium

Access a range of comprehensive Shopify courses on The Knowledge Academy. From foundational concepts to advanced techniques, their courses cater to diverse skill levels, ensuring you acquire the knowledge needed to succeed in the competitive eCommerce landscape. 

Here, too, you will find 13 modules that can help you get started in Shopify if you are a beginner and can also help you redefine your skills in Shopify Point Of Sales if you are already a seasoned business person on Shopify!

Steps To Choose The Right Shopify Course In 2024

Now that you know of some of the best Shopify courses that can be found online and where to find them – you need to know how you can choose the best and most appropriate one for your specific needs.

Choosing the right Shopify course among a variety of options can be overwhelming. This guide will provide you with actionable steps to help you select the perfect Shopify course to suit your needs in 2024.

Define Your Goals

Determine what you aim to achieve by taking a Shopify course. You need first to find out what you are looking for – to start a new eCommerce venture, enhance existing skills, or scale your business. Once you have decided, your goals will narrow down your options and help you focus on relevant courses.

Assess Your Skill Level

You need to evaluate your current proficiency in Shopify and related areas such as web design, marketing, and sales. Identify whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user. According to this analysis, you should choose a course that matches your skill level to ensure effective learning without redundancy or overwhelming complexity.

Research Course Content

You should review the syllabus and curriculum of potential Shopify courses thoroughly. Look for courses that cover topics aligned with your goals and skill level. Check for comprehensive coverage of essential areas such as store setup, product management, marketing strategies, and analytics.

Consider Learning Formats

Another important fact is to determine your preferred learning style and format. For instance, video tutorials, written materials, interactive quizzes, etc. Choose a course that offers a format conducive to your learning preferences and schedule. You need to find out the courses with practical exercises and real-world examples to reinforce learning.

Check Instructor Credibility

Before finalizing the course, you should investigate the background, expertise, and experience of the course instructors. Look for instructors who are Shopify experts, have relevant industry experience, or have a track record of successful teaching. You should read reviews and testimonials from past students to evaluate the instructor’s effectiveness and course quality.

Compare Pricing and Value

If you are going with premium courses, compare the cost of different Shopify courses against the value they offer. You should look for courses that provide excellent value for money, considering the quality of content, instructor expertise, and additional resources.

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Get The Best Shopify Course In 2024 & Enhance Your Knowledge

Each of these Shopify courses serves as a gateway to unlocking the full potential of your Shopify store, providing a roadmap for success. Whether you choose to delve into Shopify’s official offerings, explore courses on popular platforms like Shopify Academy, Coursera, and Udemy, or opt for specialized training from platforms like WsCube Tech or Yieldify, the key lies in continuous learning and adaptability. 

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