The Power of Local SEO For Your Shopify Store In 2024 [Bonus Tips]

The importance of local SEO for Shopify stores is not limited to just the basic SEO benefits. Beyond the SEO benefits, local SEO can help you to enhance your store’s brand value and obviously boost conversion rates. Dive into the blog to learn how you can enhance your growth with local SEO.

Local SEO For Shopify

📍 Local SEO For Shopify Store: What Is It?

Local SEO in Shopify means optimizing your store for local search results. So that once a customer searches for a product near him, Google will show your store to the customer. For example, when a user searches phrases like ‘Beauty Store Near Me’ or ‘Beauty Store in New York’ – local SEO can help to show your store on the search result.  

It involves a number of tactics and strategies to appear on the local search results. If you want to optimize your store for local SEO, you need to apply these techniques properly. Local directories, maps, and local search keywords play a vital role in local SEO. These things can help your Shopify store to be visible in local search results. 

local SEO for Shopify

In brief, local SEO is a part of search engine optimization which can help you to rank on the local search results. Getting ranked on local search results will bring more visitors to your website and help you to grow your business.  

💡 Understanding The Power of Local SEO For Your Shopify Store

Local SEO can help you to enhance the growth of your business. It comes with a number of benefits that you will get after optimizing your store for local search results. Now, let’s have an in-depth idea of how your store can be benefited from the power of local SEO below. 

Get Organic Traffic For Your Store

Local SEO can bring a huge number of visitors to your Shopify store. Over the years, near me search increased by over 500% and you can leverage this opportunity to bring more traffic to your website using local SEO. So, once you add local SEO to your marketing strategy, you can ensure the maximum exposure for your store. 

Increase Your Brand Value & Credibility

Getting ranked on the search engines’ result pages will help you to establish the credibility of your Shopify store. Once you optimize your store for search engine results, you can easily increase your brand value and become trustworthy to your customers. 

Boost Your Conversion Rate Easily

local SEO for Shopify

Once you are ranked on the local search engine results page you can easily get more conversions rate. According to Google, 28% of nearby searches result in a purchase which means your efforts will be paid off after optimizing your store for local searches. 

Improve Your Customer Experience

Once you optimize your store with local search results, your customer can easily find your business simply by searching on Google. It helps the customers find your store by typing your brand name without even knowing your store URL. In addition, if you have a physical store, your customer can navigate to your store without asking for support. 

Long-Term Business Growth 

Local SEO can help you to increase your growth in terms of sales and revenue. Once you optimize your store for local search, it will increase your search visibility and help you to achieve your business goals even faster. 

🎁 Bonus Tips To Improve Your Shopify Local SEO

According to Google, the things that primarily influence local search results are relevance, distance, and prominence. These are the things you should optimize to get ranked on the local search results. Below, we will provide you with a few tips that you can follow to improve your local search ranking. So, let’s go below and have a look at them.

🔵 Set Up Google Business Profile

local SEO for Shopify

The Google Business Profile is the most important element of local SEO. If you want to get ranked on the local search result, you need to optimize your Google Business Profile properly. It will help you to get included in Google Maps, Google Search Local Results, and Google Search Knowledge Panel. Simply open your account in Google Business and provide all the details there to rank your Shopify store on local searches. 

🔵 Add NAP To Your Store 

NAP means Name, Address, and Phone number. If you want to get ranked on local searches, you need to add the NAP of your business to your store. You can add that on the footer or section of your website and create a contact page to add the NAP there. Also, make sure you don’t make any spelling mistakes there. In addition to that, you should not add your NAP in image format as well. 

🔵 Target The Local Keywords 

While publishing content on your website you should target the local keywords in it. Local keywords can help you to optimize your content for local searches. Therefore, while researching keywords, find out the local keywords for your business and products.

🔵 Ask Your Customer For Reviews

local SEO for Shopify

Reviews can help you to rank your store in search engine results. In local SEO, reviews will improve the prominence of your business. Therefore, you should ask your customer to leave their feedback on your store. 

🔵 Optimize Shopify Store With SEO App

You may think, optimizing your store for local SEO is too difficult. However, with a complete Shopify SEO solution like StoreSEO, you can optimize your store for local SEO easily. In addition, these apps can help you to enhance the overall SEO performance of your store. To help you optimize your Shopify store for local searches, here will give a short guideline on how you can improve your local SEO with StoreSEO. 

🔹 Step 1: Install StoreSEO On Your Shopify Store

First of all, you need to install the StoreSEO app on your Shopify store. Simply go to the ‘Apps’ and the ‘StoreSEO’ app from there and hit the ‘Add app’ button. After that click on the ‘Install App’ button and provide your store details there. 

local SEO for Shopify

As the local SEO feature is a premium feature, you need to upgrade your plan. Simply go to the StoreSEO settings option from your dashboard and then navigate to the ‘Subscription’ tab. From there, choose any plan you like and then hit the ‘Upgrade’ button. You can follow our documentation on the upgrading plan for detailed guidelines. 

local SEO for Shopify

🔹 Step 2: Turn On Your JSON-LD 

After upgrading your plan, go to the ‘General’ tab and toggle on the JSON-LD option. Now, you can easily enhance the local SEO of your store with StoreSEO.

local SEO for Shopify

Now, go to the ‘Local SEO’ tab, and provide your store business information there. You can upload your logo, phone number, price range, etc. from there.

local SEO for Shopify

After that, go below, update the address of your store, and add the social media links before hitting the ‘Save Changes’ button. To learn the whole process even in more detail, follow this documentation on customizing the JASON-LD of your Shopify store. 

local SEO for Shopify

Grow Your Business With The Power Of Local SEO

Local SEO for Shopify stores can help you to get visible on search engine results. Now that you know how you can optimize your store for local search, we hope you can easily enhance your visibility. If you face any issue to enhance your local SEO with store StoreSEO, you can knock out our dedicated support team

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